Shakila Begum – Choir Life

Shakila Begum – Choir Life

My name is Shakila Begum, I have been in all 3 of the choir productions and this is my 4th year that I have been in one. I am 11 years old and I love the choir and enjoy doing what I love (singing), and for my age, I think I am an outstanding singer. My opinion of the choir is that it is great, stop singing in the bathroom mirror children and join the choir. Choir is great fun especially now we have a semi- professional singer, Miss Creed and she came to join the choir in 2013. I love choir because I get to express my feeling in any way I want through song, and I enjoy making  people happy when they hear me sing, and I love making my friends, family and teachers proud of me. Also, by the way, I love making Mrs. Rutty cry out of joy.

Thank you for coming to our ‘Carry on Choir’ performance and I hope you enjoyed it. ☺

Aleesha – it’s all natural!

Name: Aleesha

Class: Violet 2, year 6

Experience: I have no formal training, it is all natural!

Appearances to date: The plays I have taken part in at Bankside are; The Blue Base Christmas Production (2012) , Dick Whittington (2013) , The Pied Piper Of Hamelin (2014) and now Carry On Choir (The Aliens) (2015).

I want to take the time to talk to you about the world of music at Bankside Primary School…

I’ve been at Bankside for seven years (if you include Red Base). I’ve participated in a total of four productions/plays, In all of them I have been lead roles especially in Blue Base (Year 4) I was Mary in the Christmas play. In the Blue Base end of year play of Dick Whittington I was Mrs Ashlington, a posh and VERY, VERY rich child. In Year 5 I was The Mayor of Hamelin (coughs theatrically) Eh-hem the role was perfect for me and I really enjoyed being bossy! And now in Year 6, my last year in Bankside, I am going to be myself, Aleesha which is just perfect!

I am going to be leaving Bankside this year, so this year’s play is quite important to me. I am putting my greatest effort into this year’s production, and I am trying my absolute Bankside best – so far, so good. The Bankside choir have been practising really hard. So I hope this goes well for the choir, including me.  In this year’s play I am singing the graceful but greedy Mayor’s solo, the holy but horrible and the excellent but evil solo ‘A Hundred Silver Pieces.’ I have had this solo in the Pied Piper of Hamelin and I now am doing this again in ‘Carry on Choir!’

Lights, camera, action. Let’s go!!!

By Aleesha Daniel Howell, choir member and soloist.